Olympic Blues

Does anybody else get sad at the end of the Olympics, like you're saying goodbye to a really good summer and you won't see those friends again? I always get like that, but I haven't the foggiest idea why.

The first Olympics I can remember are the Barcelona games from 1992, and every time they get to the montage at the end of the games the room I'm in gets all dusty. Seriously, it's not like I sit around for 3 years yearning for NBC's Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel to agonize about 14 year old Chinese gymnasts.

That being said, it certainly is awesome when the entire world can hit pause, or at least slow down, (except for Russia, apparently) on all its chaos to come together and do the amazing. Run faster, swim faster, and win more golds than what has ever been done before. Ever.

I kick myself that over every four years I eventually forget the fact we get that gift... every four years, like a great Christmas present for the world to see. And by the end of it, I'm always sad to see it go.

Too connected, and Not Connected at All

So there's Blogger with two active sites, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, SMS, Skype, AIM, Google Reader with its sharing capabilities, XBox Live Arcade/X-Fire/& Steam telling me what my friends are playing at all hours, cell phone calls, a regular land line that my security system requires(?!) I maintain, 5 email accounts that I've been trying to get down to 2 for over a year but people refuse to quit using, and mail.

Is everybody else under this kind of deluge of communication, or have I overwhelmed myself with tech during my roaring 20's and now that I'm 30, with child and am in desperate need of some semblance of peace (hah!) coming to the realization that I signed up for this and have no way out? There's some friends that I keep in touch with (ok, not that often, look how much I update here, right?) solely through one of the methods above. Hence my predicament. Surely others are stuck here too?

In other news, my cats still crap like grown men with dysentery.



I figured it out!

Like an idiot, I was completely at a loss for how to log back in to this account. But tonight Emma, my new baby girl, went to sleep early and I had time to finally figure out how to post to my blog again!

I've been locked out forever, so hopefully I'll be able to update this more often now that I've set up a new method of logging in.





Wanted to let everybody know that Ronda has a new blog over at: Crafty Knitty Kitty.com, where she'll be writing about her kitties, her knitting, and everything else she adores. I doubt our 1080p HDTV will come up in conversation over there, nor will the Cowboys 153 yards in penalties this past weekend. Although if you bring it up over there I'm sure Ronda will be more than happy to christen the site with a few F-bombs.


My kitties!!!

My kitties!!!
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Anya and Chloe



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Strange Things are Afoot at the Local Petsmart Dude

So the last few times Ronda and I have been to Petsmart I've hung out in the parking lot (which allows Ronda more time to give all of our hard-earned money to homeless kitties), but I digress. The last time I was waiting in the truck, two good looking young ladies (whom I presumed to be sisters) came out of the store, loaded up into the vehicle next to me, then proceeded to start making out. I was dialing the phone to call my buddy, so the next debate I had was, "look away? don't look away? what do I do? what's the protocol here? it's a parking lot?" Needless to say I decided to keep on calling my buddy, and ask him what he thought.

They drove away, and while my buddy laughed at my dilemma, another car pulled up, a mom and her young son jumped out. The son proceeded to stand in front of their car, pull his shirt over his head, while his mom took a picture....then they jumped back in the car and drove off. The hell??

So apparently strange things are afoot at the Petsmart.

Then this week, here we go again to the Petsmart, so this time I've got my camera phone ready. Sure enough, look what pulls up in the parking lot. This town is weird sometimes.
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